Repositioning Veterinary Properties Series: Part Three 

Navigating Legal Waters: Zoning and Development Essentials for Veterinary Real Estate 

Embark on the next chapter of our Repositioning Real Estate Series! In the third video, our company president, Dan Feinberg, delves into the legal and zoning intricacies of preparing your veterinary property for new tenants.  

Uncover the critical considerations that could make or break your repositioning journey: 

1. Structural Changes and Permissions: Discover the process of making structural improvements and the crucial permissions required from the town. Dan explains how you can navigate this phase seamlessly. 

2. ADA Accessibility Requirements: Explore the requirements for accessibility through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Dan highlights this as a key consideration when repositioning a property especially as what was required in this act has changed so much in the last 40 years. Ensure you prioritize creating a welcoming and accessible space for all. 

3. Parking Quandaries: Unsure about parking needs? Find out whether additional parking is necessary and the ins and outs of paving requirements.  

4. Stormwater Management: Navigate the critical terrain of stormwater management. Dan highlights its significance and guides you through addressing this vital aspect of property development. 

5. Square Footage and City Council Impact: Thinking about adding square footage? Understand the implications. Dan discusses how significant re-development might influence how the city council views and approves your project. 

Check out what Dan had to say: 

Ready to master the legal and zoning considerations of veterinary real estate repositioning? 

Unlock the secrets to a seamless journey in preparing your property for new tenants!  

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