To improve health by channeling resources and knowledge to the facilities where care is delivered and to those who deliver the care.


Ensuring strong financial futures

Terravet Real Estate Solutions is dedicated to helping veterinarians make sound financial decisions that maximize the value of their real estate.

  • Enhancing wealth is possible without compromising health outcomes
  • We aim to demystify real estate and find creative solutions
  • We promote diversification and diversity

Personalized dependability

We value our relationship with you, and you can count on us to work closely with you to determine the value of your veterinary property.

  • We respect healthcare professionals and apply focus and expertise to every transaction
  • Long-term success can only be built through dependable relationships that are authentic and transparent
  • Positive outcomes are created by positive attitudes

Our History:

Terravet has more than a decade of experience partnering with veterinary practice operators. From our first veterinary real estate purchase in 2012 until today, we are committed to being a real estate partner to veterinary operators.


Terravet was born out of our experience as veterinary practice operators. And, Terravet has always been an intentional part of the veterinary sector. Over the past decade, we have expressed this commitment to the veterinary community by doing the following:


Terravet prioritized building a team that includes significant veterinary operating and sector experience.


Terravet developed and delivered hundreds of hours of continuing education to veterinary real estate owners to improve their commercial real estate literacy.


Veterinarians have been partners in every property we have ever owned.

We currently own approximately one million square feet of veterinary and healthcare real estate located in 30 states throughout the US.